Welcome to Uhlmann's parts world!

You can identify, inquire and order your spare parts quickly and accurately in our virtual E-Shop salesroom irrespective of time and place.

Make use of the E-Shop as follows:

Step 1: Designate a super-user.
Each of your company´s locations has one user administrator: the super-user. He determines who may use the E-Shop in addition to himself, registers additional users with Uhlmann and assigns them user rights. The super-user is also the central contact person for Uhlmann.

Step 2: Registration.
The super-user must complete a single registration for E-Shop use. We require a few days for the processing of your registration and installation of your shop.

Step 3: Receipt of password.
The super-user receives a password via e-mail that allows him access and enables user administration of the shop. He registers further users by forwarding their e-mail addresses to Uhlmann. These users then receive their own password.

Step 4: Login.
Login is carried out by entering your user name (= e-mail address) and password. Click on login in the menu to do this.

Step 5: Fast identification.
There are five ways to identify and order your spare parts. Detailed information on the ways to order can be found here.